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Triplo - Our diverse team is here to help you design, build, and maintain a website or mobile app that will connect you with whichever audience you are trying to reach.

We've developed very complex custom software as well as extremely cost effective websites. Communication and excellent results are obtained by first listening to the clients needs. Each and every client is extremely important to us as word of mouth is our primary source of business. Happy clients lead to introductions to new clients. We're eager to hear how we can be of service.


Website Design and Development
We design and build websites for a variety of non-profits, small businesses, and larger institutions. 
Website Maintenance and Support
We have ongoing support plans for Drupal 7, Backdrop CMS, and Wordpress sites to keep them up-to-date and secure.
Hosted Backdrop CMS - Simplo
We built and maintain Simplo, which provides push button full service hosting, support, and training for Backdrop CMS site owners.
Mobile App Development
We can help plan and build your next mobile app to sell a product or tap into an API and inform/education your clients or customers.
Twin Cities Opera Guild
Flatbush Food Coop
Biological Purpose
Two women facing whiteboard with the Drupal and Backdrop CMS logos and the text "Drupal 7 end of life" and "Opportunities for Collaboration."
Drupal and Backdrop CMS, Opportunities for Collaboration?

My primary goal in writing this post is not to limit discussion to any single vision for the future, but to provide one potential vision that might help stimulate additional thought,...

Sleeping Dragon yard ornament
Backdrop CMS - Providing a Soft Landing for Drupal 7 Sites

NOTE: On Feb 23, 2022 Drupal extended End of Life for Drupal 7 by one year. On March 11-13 the Backdrop community is...

A photo of a whiteboard with some writing.
Our Whiteboard Experiment at Backdrop Live

During the recent instance of Backdrop Live, I did some experimenting with a Mural board as a tool to help engage participants in our virtual event. 

I wrote this short blog post in advance...

Screenshot of the color module settings page
Color Module for Backdrop CMS

As we have been working on and implementing color module support for Tatsu, we've discovered a need for better documentation of how the color module works. The color module is included in Backdrop...

Config Recipes for Backdrop CMS

Triplo just released about an experimental project to share configuration recipes between Backdrop CMS sites. This could be a quick and easy way to move features between one Backdrop site to...