We're looking for space to work/hangout

Posted on: Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Posted by: admin

Triplo is just over two years old and throughout our our formative years, we’ve never had any kind of formal office or space that we could rely on. We’ve worked/met in the meeting room of David Needham’s apartment building, co-worked in a local tap room (during their off-hours), met in libraries, done some work while riding on the light rail, met in Wilbur’s living room, and frequently made ourselves at home on the second floor of the Goat Coffeehouse (East Side of Saint Paul). While this kind of remote work environment offers flexibility, freedom, and low overhead, it also has it’s limitations.

The chairs and tables in coffee shops are not always very comfortable or ergonomic, the nearby conversations can be distracting, and the pressure to buy LOTS of coffee can be a nuisance.

While, we’re not ready to settle down completely in our own traditional office environment, we’re looking for some stability in terms of a place for us to meet clients, work with each other, and even teach small classes and workshops. We’re open to sharing space, renting a table in the corner, or other creative arrangements. Maybe finding regular co-working space in one location along with regular access to a conference/meeting room somewhere else.

Since our needs are fairly specific, we’re looking for help in identifying a good location. Our WISH LIST (we don't expect to find everything on this list in one place):

  • We’d like at least one permanent desk, where at least one of us could work with a larger display monitor (we’ll fight amongst ourselves each morning to see who gets the large monitor that day).

  • On any given day, we might have 1-2 additional co-workers hanging about and working at tables or desks. But, these co-workers don’t need a desk of their own, just reliable access to a comfortable chair and table.

  • At least once per week, we might work as a team of 4-5 for the entire day.

  • On some days, none of us will be there at all.

  • A coffee machine would be pretty important - or a place to bring in our own (a beer fridge is optional).

  • 4-8 hours per week, access to a small conference room for meetings and small workshop (up to 12 people). Mostly during the day, but occasionally in the evening.

  • Ideally, we’d have 24/7 access to space.

  • Co-locating with like minded and creative individuals or small businesses would be excellent.

  • Our ideal location would be somewhere between downtown Mpls and downtown Saint Paul (closer to Saint Paul, would be best), with good access to transit and bus routes. Some convenient parking would also be nice.

  • A month to month rental agreement that allows us to change our minds - or for our partners to kick us out, if we get too rowdy.

Bonus points for:

  • Gritty urban architecture

  • Proximity to a good tap room (craft beer)

Despite the lengthy wish list, we’re flexible and don’t expect to get everything listed above. But, if you have any ideas or suggestions, please let us know.