Learn about Backdrop CMS!

Posted on: Thursday, July 18, 2019
Posted by: Tim Erickson

Triplo has engaged deeply with Backdrop CMS and the Backdrop community. We participate in weekly development meetings, organize the Backdrop CMS Virtual User Group, and maintain contrib modules and themes. We love Backdrop CMS and have been spending a lot of time thinking about how to make it more easily available to folks interested in building a powerful new personal or business website without a large budget or coding skills. 

As an experiment, we've set up five instances of Backdrop CMS that we'll share with anyone interested in building their own Backdrop CMS site. We'll host the sites for free and provide limited technical support (mostly answer your questions) for three month. The code is all open source and the data is yours, so you are free to take your site and leave at anytime or at the end of three months. 

If you love your site and want to keep it, you can take it with you or engage with us to host and support your work. 

For more information.

We can wait to see what you build!