A Change in Ownership of Triplo

Posted on: Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Posted by: admin

It’s been almost three years since David Needham, Barry Madore and myself launched Triplo LLC from Swede Hollow, a small coffeeshop on the East Side of St. Paul. Our original intention was for Triplo to act as a collaborative of Drupal developers with similar values and ideas, but to maintain a flexible structure that would allow each of us to pursue other projects and goals as much as possible.

In alignment with our initial intentions, the original Triplo partners have each pursued our individual interests and gradually drifted in different directions. David and his family moved to Illinois and David took a full time job with Pantheon. Barry has been dividing his time between Triplo projects, Fire on the Bluff, and a variety of community based projects in his neighborhood.

As of March 2017, David and Barry have both officially stepped back to focus on their other activities and transferred ownership and full-time management of Triplo to myself. While I am the only full-time member of the Triplo team at this moment, Barry will continue to work on Triplo projects when his schedule allows, David will continue to advise and support us as he is able, and long-time associate (and freelance Drupal developer) Dan Grant continues to collaborate with Triplo on a regular basis.

Over the next several months, Triplo will be reflecting on what we have learned over the last three years and making adjustments to our business model and structure. In particular, I look forward to shifting Triplo's focus towards projects and partnerships that leverage my years of experience building online communities, online civic engagement, and deliberative democracy. 

We look forward to meeting with our friends, colleagues, and clients to discuss the evolution of Triplo and our future plans. Please, stay in touch!