BOF it up at Twin Cities Drupal Camp

Posted on: Wednesday, May 30, 2018
Posted by: Tim Erickson

My favorite part of Drupal Camp is usually the informal BOF (Birds of a Feature) sessions. I love the discussion format and peer to peer sharing among people with a shared interest or curiosity. At Twin Cities Drupal Camp, I have championed a BOF agenda for the last few years, making sure that we have good space and visibility for BOF sessions. I've also encouraged people to schedule BOFs and I make a point to show up for as many BOFs as possible. 

At Twin Cities Drupal Camp this year (similar to last year), we'll have space in the main exhibit hall for BOF sessions and we'll have prominent flip charts where anyone can add a session to the schedule. If there is something that you want to talk about, please post it on the schedule and let folks with a similar interest find you. With the possibility of posting a BOF, everyone has the opportunity to help shape the camp agenda to address whatever issue is most pressing to them.

This year, I may just create my own BOF track, a schedule of all the topics I want to talk about. If so, it will look something like this (I'll be editing this list in the days leading up to Drupal Camp):

  • Drupal Governance
  • Business Tools for Small Drupal Shops
  • Launching a Virtual Freelancer Support Group
  • Marketing BackdropCMS
  • Proving excellent Drupal Support Services
  • Case Study: 
    Looking for feedback and ideas
  • Creating a mission statement for your user group
  • Data Visualization

I always come to every meetup or camp with a few questions in my back pocket. Things I'm working on, but need input or advice from other developers. Here are a few of the questions I have in my back pocket for Twin Cities Drupal Camp (2018). 

  • Best way to track traffic on multiple sub-domains using Google Analytics?
  • Best way to customize or filter the content of an incoming RSS feed for display?
  • etc.