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Groups in Drupal 8

Triplo Team
Mon. Apr 10, 2017

(This page should be viewed more as an internal wiki page subject to frequent edits, rather than as a blog post)

Triplo is currently working on a project that involves groups. We're researching our options and this blog post is really more of a shared scratch pad on the resources we are finding and the lessons we are learning.

Our primary options seem to be:

Open Source (& Drupal) as a Political Act

Tim Erickson
Tue. Mar 21, 2017

I’m thrilled to announce, that I’ll be back at Midcamp this year for the 4th year in a row. This year, I’ll be giving a presentation on “Drupal as a Political Act.” The previous week, on March 25th, I’m giving a similarly titled presentation on “Open Source as a Political Act” at Minnebar in Bloomington, MN.

An observant person might notice a theme between the two presentations.

Here is the description of the session for Midcamp:

As an open source project, there is something inherently political about participation in the Drupal... more

A Change in Ownership of Triplo

Tim Erickson
Wed. Mar 15, 2017

It’s been almost three years since David Needham, Barry Madore and myself launched Triplo LLC from Swede Hollow, a small coffeeshop on the East Side of St. Paul. Our original intention was for Triplo to act as a collaborative of Drupal developers with similar values and ideas, but to maintain a flexible structure that would allow each of us to pursue other projects and goals as much as possible.

In alignment with our initial intentions, the original Triplo partners have each pursued our individual interests and gradually drifted in different directions. David and his family moved to Illinois and David took a full time job with ... more

Drupal for Good (or Public Service Therapy)

Tim Erickson
Sun. Jan 15, 2017

This week represents a major transition in the social and political climate of the United States (and in many respects, the world). I’ve been thinking a great deal about what that means for me and what my role is in this transition. 

I spent much of the prior decade (~1998 - 2009) immersed in the field of civic engagement, public participation, and deliberative democracy. Unfortunately, I was never quite able to figure out how to make a living at this. Over the last few years, my focus has shifted towards general purpose web development with a heavy emphasis on Drupal and the Drupal open source community. The current political climate is pulling my attention back in the... more

We're looking for space to work/hangout

Triplo Team
Tue. May 24, 2016

Triplo is just over two years old and throughout our our formative years, we’ve never had any kind of formal office or space that we could rely on. We’ve worked/met in the meeting room of David Needham’s apartment building, co-worked in a local tap room (during their off-hours), met in libraries, done some work while riding on the light rail, met in Wilbur’s living room, and frequently made ourselves at home on the second floor of the Goat Coffeehouse (East... more


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