Announcing Triplo

Triplo Team

Triplo formally came into existence a few weeks ago when we filed our paperwork with the state of Minnesota. However things got "real" this week when we did a soft-launch of our website and co-sponsored a full day of Drupal training, offered by Enjoy Creativity

At it's launch, our website is a little low on content and lacks a finished design. But, our first priority is to provide a place where folks can find and get in touch with us. You can expect a steady increase in content over the weeks to come, along with a complete redesign (really, an initial design to replace the stock theme we are currently using). 

Triplo is a collaboration between David Needham, Barry Madore, and Tim Erickson. It is our shared goal to do much more than simply build websites. We plan to provide training, mentoring, and support services to both freelance web professionals and site owners. We are still in the process of outlining the details of what those services will look like and are actively soliciting input and feedback from friends and colleagues. 

In the meantime, we are already deep into building our first large website, sub-contracting for colleagues, and mentoring several local freelancers and site owners.

If you have any ideas for us or are interested in collaboration, please let us know.